by K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC

Powerful Tools for Caregivers:

​​Tools for Caregivers operates a nationally known, evidence-based program named Powerful Tools for Caregivers. Most people don't plan to become a caregiver for another person in their life; however, many find themselves in a caregiving situation as a result of either an acute incident, disability, or a chronic illness. Whether providing care at home or having responsibility for a neighbor or for someone in a care facility, down the block or miles away, caregivers face many challenges - physical and emotional - and place their own health at risk. Unlike many respite programs which provide paid and volunteer individual to give relief to caregivers for a certain period of time, Powerful Tools for Caregivers is devoted to teaching a caregiver the art of self-care. During a six-week course, caregivers discover how to thrive as individuals while managing caregiving responsibilities.