Team Facilitation:

There are no shortage of difficult conversations, high-anxiety projects, varied personalities and a lack of communication in even the best work environments.  Team Facilitation can work with a new or existing team to smooth out the process.

Corporate Mediation:​​

Working within an organization to provide objective, on-site conflict resolution to the many issues that arise in a corporate environment.  One-on-one Conflict Coaching is available to help individuals learn to address conflict successfully.

Developing and maintaining a strong, positive and progressively improving organizational culture can be difficult.  Below are several strategies offered by K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC to make it successful.

Strategic Planning:

High-level strategy sessions with senior leadership to define an organizations' direction, and develop a road map to get there.

     Business Consulting 

     by K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC

Executive Coaching:​​

Executive coaching provides the opportunity to identify and work on professional strengths and weaknesses.  The ultimate goal is to improve both work performance and work life. 

Customer Feedback:

An objective third-party facilitating focus groups and surveys with members can provide immediate, detailed information about how your organization is functioning, and what can be done to improve.