With nearly 20 years as a Business Consultant Kathleen Kauth is adept at using mediation tools and strategies to improve communication between individuals and groups, and guide them to developing workable, forward-thinking plans.  

Understanding the needs for thoughtful mediation with families facing decisions related to aging, Kathleen has developed expertise in Eldercare Mediation.  Because individuals facing aging and end of life decisions have very specific needs, she sought specific Eldercare Mediation and Estates training in Philadelphia, and in Spring 2017, will receive a graduate certificate in Gerontology.  

Mediation & Business Consulting

​by K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC

Here at K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC we believe there are times where an objective, experienced and neutral third-party is needed.  We provide personalized, in-depth assistance to sort through the many issues that can arise in both the family and business realms.  

Founder/CEO Profile

Key Education and Training

  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Eldercare Mediation and Estates Training
  • Graduate Certificate in Gerontology (Spring 2017 completion date)
  • Masters degree in Public Policy
  • Bachelors degree in Criminology/Sociology
  • Myers-Briggs Facilitator
  • Certification in Brief Therapy

Kathleen Kauth

Mediator and Business Consultant                 

K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC   

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"We judge ourselves by our intentions, and others by their behavior"

                        - Stephen R. Covey